Backstage Interview: MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG)

Backstage Interview: MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG)

INTERVIEW WITH: Music and Lyric by Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell

FILM: "No Time To Die" from NO TIME TO DIE

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          Q.    Congratulations, thank you.  This is, like, the third or fourth

                James Bond song in a row that's won the Oscar, and they are all

                good.  They deserve it.

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  Yes.


          Q.    How did you approach writing this song knowing that so many of

                them had done so well?

          A.    (Billie Eilish) Scared, very intimidated.  But we've looked up

                to the music in the Bond franchise for pretty much, like, as

                long as I can remember.  As, like -- I don't know.  It's so

                weird.  There was no confusion at all about Bond and the music.

                It has been such a big part of our lives for so long that the

                fact that we are involved at all was unbelievable.

                And the approach was very, very exhilarating and, like,

                peak-like and also scary.  And we just had so much pressure put

                on ourselves.  Like, we put it on ourselves.  We were so -- we

                just wanted it to be perfect and represent Daniel Craig's last

                film and all of his films and how much, you know, he put into

                it.  And it was just the most amazing experience ever.


          Q.    I want to just say two things.  One is, Finneas, I'm just a

                huge fan, and you're just terrific.

          A.    (Finneas O'Connell)  Thank you.


          Q.    And, Billie, you are too.  But we've seen you sort of grow --

                we have seen you sort of grow up since your first album came

                out, and when you first came out you were sort of like an emo

                kind of sad-looking teenager, and now you are, like, laughing

                and having a good time and you look very happy, and it's so

                nice to see.

          A.    (Billie Eilish) I am glad.


          Q.    Do you feel that you've had a change in your career as the last

                couple of years have gone along.

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  I went from 14 to 20 so that will do it, you



          Q.    Do you feel a lot better now?

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  Sure.  I mean, yeah.  I was also, you know, a

                very young teenager.  A very, you know -- you know teenagers.

                But I -- I don't know.  It's just growth and, like, aging and

                things.  But, yeah, I'm super happy.  I think that I'm just

                coming into my being aware of what is good and around me.  You

                know, I think that when I'm that young -- like, when you are

                that young, it's, like, hard to understand how big of a deal

                things are around you and how important things are.  And, you

                know, you meet a kid -- like, I'll meet people that are younger

                than me, and be, like, they have no idea how cool this.  I

                was just a kid and I didn't know, and I'm so, so thrilled that

                growing up has taught me to just be, like, more aware of the

                greatness around me, yeah.


          Q.    Hi.

          A.    Oh, where are you?


          Q.    Huge fan.  Again, you know, it was brought up that, you know,

                this is, I believe, the third Bond song to win an Oscar, and

                I'm just curious if you have talked to Sam Smith or Adele or

                any of the previous writers on songs before you guys tackled

                NO TIME TO DIE?

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  Great question.

          A.    (Finneas O'Connell)  I did, yeah.  I talked to Jimmy Napes and

                Sam, both, when we were hoping that we would be given the

                opportunity to write a James Bond theme.  And I just asked what

                the process was like because I was -- again, it was, like, such

                an ambition of ours.

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  Yeah.

          A.    (Finneas O'Connell)  So it was really just, like, picking their

                brains about it.  And it was really interesting to hear their

                take on it, and they were very encouraging and gave really good

                advice, which was basically just to make a song that we are

                really proud of.


          Q.    Hey.  Congrats on the win.  I would love to know what was the

                biggest challenge to get this song and also working together as


          A.    (Billie Eilish)  Geesh, I think the biggest challenge was,

                like, making sure that it felt to us -- what's the word --

                authentic, but also -- what's the word -- paying, like,

                tribute.  Not even tribute.  What's the word?  I'm thinking.

          A.    (Finneas O'Connell)  Appropriate?  I mean, I'll go with

                appropriate.  It was really important to us that it felt like a

                Billie Eilish song and a James Bond song at the same time and

                not one or the other.

          A.    (Billie Eilish)   Yeah.  It was so, so important to have it

                pay, you know, like, all of the respects needed for all of the

                Bond films in the past and not take anything away from that,

                and I was really, really, like, on that.  I really didn't want

                to disrespect the franchise in any way.  I wanted to make

                everybody happy, and, you know, easier said than done, but it

                was a challenge.  And we, you know, we worked hard to, like,

                maintain that and not to take away from the franchise.

          A.    (Finneas O'Connell)  And you don't want it to feel like a

                cover.  You want it to feel like your song that you have

                ownership over.


          Q.    Hi, guys.  Congratulations, obviously.  And like everyone else,

                massive fan.  I'm just wondering as, obviously, the first US

                artist to win this award for a Bond song, how does it feel to

                kind of be joining, I guess, the British family in a way, you

                know, part of the other incredible artists who have done the

                same?  And, Billie, I know you previously said that you were

                kind of worried that Daniel wouldn't like the song, so do you

                think you've made him proud of it now?

          A.    (Billie Eilish)   I hope so, jeez.  But, yeah, no, that's a

                really good question.  Nobody has really pointed that out

                before.  Yeah, I think that was another thing.  Again, like, I

                really wanted to, like, you know, pay my respects to every

                aspect of Bond.  And it's -- you know, I am from the US, I'm

                American, and I didn't want to, like, take away from anything.

                And it's so incredible, you know, the list of people that have

                created Bond songs.  And I don't know, it's so, so insane, and

                I don't know how to really process it.

                And what was the second thing you said?


          Q.    Just if you said you were worried --

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  Oh, Daniel.

          A.    (Finneas O'Connell)  He's been so kind.

          A.    (Billie Eilish)  He's the sweetest man alive, and I just really

                wanted him to love it.  I wanted him to feel like it

                represented his years and his last film, and I wanted him to be

                happy kind of most of all.  He's James Bond, come on.  So,


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