INTERVIEW WITH: Linda Dowds, Stephanie Ingram and Justin Raleigh


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          Q.    Congratulations. How does it feel that you get to share this

                award with Jessica Chastain and you've gotten to just be part

                of this process altogether with her?

          A.    (LINDA DOWDS) It's pretty amazing.  Stephanie and I happened to

                have worked -- we were working on our 16th project with

                Jessica, and we see how hard she works, and she is our best

                collaborator. She has so much input and so much that she shares

                with us about the character.

                And it all just makes us all step up to the plate, and the fact

                that she won and we won tonight is just -- it is extraordinary,

                and I love it, and I'm -- I'm so happy for her.

          Q.    Congratulations. So, you know, we've all been following Jessica

                through this whole awards season, and I told her again on the

                red carpet she was going to win. And here you are.  You really

                transformed her into Tammy Faye, and it is such a very distinct

                look.  But how did you nail -- there was a lot of photos and

                things, but it was more than that.

          A.    (JUSTIN RALEIGH) I mean, anatomically speaking, the goal was to

                always, prosthetically, to try and get as close to Tammy as

                possible, and that was through all -- through all the research

                of looking at the old videos, looking at the old Heritage USA

                books that they would put out, any type of resource that we

                could find.

                And even Jessica and the entire Searchlight team provided us a

                ton of research. But early on, we spent a lot of time just

                working on the computer doing conceptual design to try to

                figure out what was a subtle amalgamation between the two,

                where we didn't completely obliterate Jessica, but we had

                enough of Tammy there that it -- you knew it was Tammy Faye.

                And that was key.

                We didn't want to hamper her performance.  And then all of the

                additional hair and makeup that Linda and Stephanie bring to it

                just really rounded out the entire look for us. Thank you.

          Q.    Congratulations. (Indiscernible) made a big deal -- a point of

                saying that she would arrive early and be sure to be in the

                house to see your category.  What did that mean to all of you,

                and what do you think it reflects about her in general?

          A.    I think that, you know, we didn't know -- we didn't know ahead

                of time or anything.  We learned it on the same day that

                everybody else did, which is really a testament to who she is.

                She -- you know, she didn't make a grand gesture with any of

                us. She just -- she -- I think she spoke authentically, which

                she always does, and to have her say that was actually quite

                emotional.  When we came into the trailer that morning, didn't

                want to say too much, you know.

                You kind of wait a moment and -- but honestly, just had to

                thank her and that kind of support and that kind of, you know,

                connection to have in any relationship is great. And in a

                working relationship, it is so special.

                And it was -- I feel honored and privileged we get to work with

                somebody like her.  She's a brilliant human being in real life

                and at work. So it was great.

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