Backstage Interview: ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE

Backstage Interview: ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE

INTERVIEW WITH: Jessica Chastain


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          A.    Hi.  I see so many faces that I know and love.  Hi, guys.


          Q.    My name is Silva.  I work for television in Jeremy.


          A.    Thank you.


          Q.    We're so thrilled for you.

                        Where will you put your Oscar in your home and --

                because your speech was so moving.

                        What did you think about Will Smith's speech?

          A.    Where will I put my Oscar in my home?  I have no idea.  I don't

                know.  I feel really -- I still can't understand that I'm

                holding an Oscar.  This is the first time I've held an Oscar.

                I'm friends with Eddie Redmayne, and I've been to his house in

                London.  And everyone was, like, "Oh, look.  His Oscar."  And

                they all picked it up.  And I was like, "I can't pick it up."

                I felt superstitious, so this is the very first time I've even

                held it.  So I have had no thoughts of where it is going to go,

                but I will respect it for sure wherever it is.


          Q.    What does this one mean to you?

          A.    It's very meaningful to me.  It was ten years ago that I got

                the rights to tell this story.  And I think that was the first

                year I was nominated for an Oscar.  And it was the first

                year -- you know, I had seven films come out in 2011, so to be

                at the awards ceremony in 2012 was the beginning of my career.

                And to be here ten years later with a film, I bought the rights

                to, that, I kind, of willed into existence is incredibly


                Also, it's very special to be part of a film that -- that means

                something to me in that it rights an injustice.  And it

                reexamines a life.  It is so important to give each other our

                flowers when we're alive.  And I feel like we missed that

                opportunity with Tammy Faye.  So it is very special to me.

                I was texting with her children during the ceremony.  I kept

                texting them.  It's a beautiful, beautiful moment.  And it

                means so much to me in terms of my profession, but also in

                terms of my life and what I'm putting out into the world.


          Q.    Hi, Jessica.  Congratulations!

          A.    Thank you.

          Q.    I have a fun one for you.  Some people on Twitter are saying

                that you are the fifth actress in The Help to win an Oscar.

                        Is that some kind of a lucky charm for you.  And do you

                now have, like, an Oscar club?

          A.    I think that's actually a testament to Tate Taylor and his

                incredible skills at casting.  And, you know, he fought for me

                to be in The Help.  He really -- I definitely wasn't the

                obvious choice for the part of Celia Foote.  I didn't look like

                her.  I didn't sound like her.  And he really fought for me for

                that role.  And it really goes to show his respect and his

                admiration for actresses.  And I think that you can see that in

                the careers that the women have had since his films, when you

                look back at what we've made and put out in 2011, many of us

                were at the very, very beginning of our careers.  So, yeah, I

                thank Tate Taylor for that.


          Q.    Thank you.  Congratulations!

          A.    Thank you.  Is that it?  That was easy.  Okay.  Bye, guys.

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