Acceptance Speech: CINEMATOGRAPHY

SPEECH BY: Greig Fraser

FILM: "Dune"

Wow.  Listen.  I'm so happy this award is up so I can go out and get to the bar.  But I will keep it short for that reason. 


Denis Villeneuve is a master.  Master, Denis.  You know, he's brought the whole group of unknown actors together to make an amazing movie, along with our lovely producers.  Thank you.  Collaborators are nothing without this ‑‑ with my friends, Patrice and Paul and Donald and Jackie and ‑‑ I mean, God, amazing. 


My crew.  I'm not going to name them all because it will take too long.  But I will call you all straight after this.  And speaking of calling, Mum, I will return your call.  And I apologize.  


Lauren, all the friends and family celebrating around the world.  And Melvin.  And most importantly, my wife Jodie; my children, Felix, Leo, and Poppy, allowing a middle‑aged man to go out and play with his friends in the sand dunes for six months is pretty amazing.  So thank you.  I'll be home in time for dinner. 

Thank you, guys.

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